BLCS Diesel Booster


Power, savings, and eco-friendliness – from Finland!

When considering the cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of heavy transport and machinery, reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption are always at the forefront. BLCS Diesel Booster is designed to save both money and the environment –With a 100% satisfaction guarantee


How does BLCS work?

In simple terms, BLCS improves engine efficiency, reducing both fuel costs and emissions, while also enhancing the vehicle's cold-starting capabilities. This is achieved by increasing the cetane number of diesel fuel, which improves ignition sensitivity by approximately 3 units.

The product is four-in-one, meaning it improves fuel quality, cleans, lubricates, and protects. This results in more efficient fuel combustion, while also reducing expensive and often unnecessary repair and maintenance costs, as the entire engine operates in better condition.

What are the benefits of BLCS?

BLCS has been developed in collaboration with leading raw material manufacturers. It is guaranteed to be the most efficient product on the market, with the highest concentration of active ingredients compared to similar products.

  • Improves fuel quality and stability, as well as lubrication
  • Optimizes engine performance and enhances power
  • Cleans the injection system and combustion chamber
  • Prolongs the lifespan of feed pumps, injectors, and particle filters
  • Lucricates and cleans the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Reduces carbon buildup and removes existing carbon deposits
  • Proactively reduces diesel foaming
  • Prevents fuel oxidation and neutralizes harmful acidic compounds in the tank
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Separates water from the fuel
  • Works both with older and newer motor technologies
  • Easy to measure out and use

A Finnish domestic product that delivers what it promises - 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The BLCS Fuel Optimizer product range is manufactured in Finland, using the best raw materials. With our experience, it's easy for us to offer a full guarantee for the product – if you are not satisfied and the promised benefits are not achieved, we will refund your money for unopened, saleable packages.


How much can you save using our Diesel Booster?

Heavy vehicle fuel economy

The BLCS Diesel Booster additive technology achieved a fuel economy benefit when used in a heavy vehicle. The results show that the benefits achieved over a 15,000 km test drive include a -3.1% reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption using the additive-containing fuel. The test involved a Scania R420 Euro V truck, and CO2 and fuel consumption were measured before the test and after a 15,000 km drive on the test track using fuel containing BLCS Diesel Booster additive technology.

We also tested the impact of the fuel additive on injector flow and spray pattern, which was done both before and after the 15,000 km test drive. The assessment of injector performance showed improved fuel injection optimization, better repeatability, and shorter injector closing time. This is clearly related to internal cleaning of the injectors (nozzle holes) and external improvements (better needle control), resulting in optimized fuel combustion.

The performance of BLCS Diesel Booster!

(HSDI) Diesel motor

Testing the cleaning power - Needle sticking

The results of a direct comparison between regular fuel and fuel with BLCS Diesel Booster additive show that the cleaning technology of BLCS Diesel Booster has prevented needle sticking in the nozzle during this particular test.

Cleaning Efficiency Test – Power Loss

The testing was conducted using the CEC F-98-08 test method. BLCS Diesel Booster additive was used at recommended mixing ratios.

The collected data for the reference fuel, Diesel DF79, with 1 ppm of zinc added, is presented in the accompanying diagram.

Cleaning Efficiency Testing – Power Recovery

Cleaning efficiency testing has also been conducted to determine the power recovery rate using the recommended mixing ratio of the additive.

The test has been conducted using CEC reference fuel DF79 mixed with 1ppm of zinc.

Fast cleaning power with up to a 100% recovery rate within 4-6 hours.

As the data shows, cleaning power and power recovery are achieved when using BLCS Diesel Booster.

Increase of the cetane number

In the test, BLCS Diesel Booster was used as an additive at a mixing ratio of 500 ml per 500 liters.

The cetane number was increased by about three units.

By increasing the cetane number it immediately leads to a decrease in emissions and lowers consumption. The table shows the benefit obtained from using BLCS Diesel Booster as an additive in basic fuel.

Improving acceleration

The excellent performance offered by BLCS Diesel Booster additive provides many additional benefits. The data in the following section illustrates improvements in acceleration observed when using fuel containing BLCS additive. Closed road sections and a test environment were used as performance venues. The test was conducted utilizing various load situations, road sections, and conditions.

In order to gather sufficient data from various load situations, vehicle acceleration times were measured and compared using both base fuel and fuel with the BLCS Diesel Booster additive. Typical results for BLCS Diesel Booster additive are summarized in the diagram.

The chart illustrates the consistent improvement in acceleration time achieved. Up to a 9% improvement in acceleration was observed when using BLCS Diesel Booster additive.

Filter longevity

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