Hello customers!

I'm Petteri Harju, and familiar to many from my former company.

In my previous company, I often engaged in discussions with customer companies, primarily professional drivers, and other heavy vehicle entrepreneurs, about the problems caused by modern fuels and the deteriorating quality of modern fuels.

When I relinquished ownership of my previous company in 2016, the idea of how I could turn the discussions I had with customer companies into a common benefit came to mind. As luck would have it, an opportunity arose to start importing and selling products that could solve these problems. This is how Hardatec Oy (now BLCS Fuel Optimizer Oy) was born. The products served my customers successfully. All the positive customer feedback from the field, as well as user experiences from entrepreneurs, encouraged me to develop something even better. Our own products!

I found the world's best and leading raw material manufacturers as partners, with whom we developed products that take into account the needs of both old and new engine technology, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. As a result of this collaboration, the domestic BLCS Fuel Optimizer product family was created, whose products bring savings to our customers in terms of fuel efficiency, maintenance, and repair costs.

Our decades-long development work with raw material suppliers, including collaboration with oil refineries and engine manufacturers, ensures that our products meet the highest requirements.

Our development work is ongoing, and we will continue to benefit from it now and in the future. Our products continuously adapt to changing standards and requirements, so you can safely use them.

Our products are manufactured in Finland using Finnish labor, and our warehouse is located in Kurikka, South Ostrobothnia, in the landscapes of my childhood. From here, we serve not only domestic customers but also our neighboring countries.

Based on this, I dare to claim that our products are the best in the world, and we offer them with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Petteri Harju