BLCS Gasoline Booster


BLCS Bensiini Booster on tehokas ja vaahtoamaton lisäaine kaikille bensiini-, kaksitahtimoottori-, etanolimoottoreihin (E85). Bensiini Booster polttaa polttoaineen täydellisemmin, antaen enemmän voimaa. Lisäaine toimii myös pehmusteena vaimentaen venttiilien iskut ja voitelee-ja puhdistaa koko polttoainejärjestelmän. Näiden ominaisuuksien yhteisvaikutuksella saadaan luotettavampi moottori ja pienemmät huolto- ja polttoainekulut, jotka säästävät selvää rahaa ja lisäävät toimintavarmuutta.

0,5 liter bottle is enough for 500 liters of gasoline.

The overall economic benefits of using BLCS Gasoline Booster

Petrol Booster increases power and improves fuel combustion, resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

The product improves fuel system cleaning and lubrication, as well as the operation of injectors, turbo, and the EGR valve.

Other benefits of using BLCS Gasoline Booster

  • Improves fuel quality and raises the octane rating
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Lowers CO and HC emissions
  • Preventswater from accumulating in the fuel system
  • Cleans the valves, injectors (or carburetor), fuel pump, and the entire fuel system.
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the fuel


Cleaning - Intake valve deposits

The test demonstrates the excellent performance of BLCS Gasoline Booster additive in the cleaning test. The table shows the performance of BLCS Gasoline Booster additive in this test. The test has been repeated to demonstrate consistency.

Cleaning of intake valve deposits

In addition to protecting against the formation of intake valve deposits BLCS Gasoline Booster also cleans existing deposits. Cleaning the intake valves leads to improved vehicle performance, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

BLCS Gasoline Booster's additive cleaning technology can remove existing deposits. Cleaning has been demonstrated through standard engine tests and on-road driving.

A significant cleaning result has been demonstrated using industry-standard tests, utilizing a test engine for over 60 hours.

In addition to protecting against the formation of new intake valve deposits, BLCS Gasoline Booster allows for the removal of existing deposits. Cleaning results in improved vehicle performance, which in turn leads to reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

Fuel economy

The official research conducted during the CEC GDi VW EA111 CAVE engine testing demonstrates the benefits of fuel economy achieved by cleaning dirty fuel injectors. This means that cleaning dirty fuel injectors can improve fuel economy, which can lead to lower fuel costs.

In the test, En228 gasoline was used during an extended 66-hour dirty phase, followed by a 33-hour cleaning phase using BLCS Gasoline Booster. A significant improvement in fuel economy was observed during the cleaning phase.

During the dirty phase of the test, the total fuel consumption increased by about 4%. After 24 hours of cleaning with BLCS Gasoline Booster, a reduction in fuel consumption of over 4% was achieved.

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) engine emission benefits

To evaluate injector cleanliness and particulate emissions, testing was conducted on a BMW B48 GDi engine on an engine dynamometer test bench.

The chart clearly shows the improvement in injector flow rate and the reduction in particulate emissions when using fuel with the additive compared to running on fuel without additives.

Performance (torque) – Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI)

The provided data summarizes the performance benefits achieved in DISI engines when running fuel containing BLCS Gasoline Booster.

Preformance and emissions benefits achieved in DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition)

As indicated by the performance data presented above, fuel containing BLCS Gasoline Booster improves engine torque and reduces emissions by keeping DISI engine injectors free from carbon deposits.

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