Kuljetusliike Ala-Korpela Oy

Kuljetusliike Ala-Korpela Oy is a Kurikka based family run business, which was founded in 1958.

Kuljetusliike Ala-Korpela Oy provides transportation and lifting services with 60 years of experience throughout Finland and the Nordic countries. We specialize in heavy transportation for the construction industry, including transporting building elements. We also have vehicles equipped for traffic management for special transport needs
Our company has 35 trucks, 3 wheel loaders, and 1 vehicle crane. Currently, the company employs approximately 50 people.

"BLCS Diesel Booster has been in our use for over a year now. Initially, we were skeptical about the product, and one of our most skeptical drivers joked about "what Tero had gone and bought again." However, that same driver later mentioned how the engine performance had improved in the trucks and that the product really works. We started the trial cautiously with a few selected vehicles. Soon, we noticed that the product worked as promised and that the test vehicles showed a decrease in fuel consumption. On average, fuel consumption in our fleet has decreased by 5-8%."

"In May 2023, we placed a large order for BLCS Diesel Booster and expanded its usage to our entire fleet. BLCS Diesel Booster has brought clear savings to our company with reduced fuel consumption and increased vehicle reliability. We calculated that the money spent on the product will return the amount by three-or four-fold when only considering the savings from fuel costs. This depends on the price of fuel for the day, of course."

"We also place great value for the product being domestic to Finland."

Kuljetusliike Ala-Korpela Oy
Tero Ala-Korpela

JS Maatila Oy

JS Maatila Oy is a organic farm based in Kurikkas Polvenkylä. In the barn, there are both dairy and beef cattle, totaling approximately 200 head. The farm is run full-time by the entrepreneurial couple Sofia and Juha, with 1-2 external employees as needed.

"When we started using BLCS Diesel Booster, our main goal was to enhance the reliability of our farm machinery. In addition to our own tasks, we also provide contracting services to neighboring farmers, so the reliability of our machinery is crucial in this situation."

"Our farm tasks involve a wide range of activities, and monitoring fuel consumption can be challenging at times. However, in the equipment where we have been able to reliably track fuel consumption, we have seen a significant reduction in fuel consumption with BLCS Diesel Booster."

"Our farm equipment includes a forage harvester and seven tractors, mainly from the John Deere"

JS Maatila Oy
Juha Rintaluoma

Tikan Maatila Oy

An organic farm at the forefront of progress

The farm's long history began with the arrival of Karelian evacuees to Kurikka in the 1950s. The current owners, Veera and Tuomo, who had long dreamed of running a farm, quickly made the decision to continue the Tika Farm when the opportunity arose. Continuous development of the farm and staying at the forefront of progress are matters close to the heart of this entrepreneurial couple. Tika Farm currently has 350 cows

"We aim to stay at the forefront of development and constantly seek new knowledge from around the world on how to improve the well-being of our animals and reduce our carbon footprint."

"BLCS Diesel Booster has been in use in our company for a few years now, and the user experience has been entirely positive. We have used BLCS Diesel Booster for approximately half a million liters of fuel. We have noticed benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, decreased emissions, improved cold starts, and reduced maintenance and repair costs. We use BLCS Diesel Booster in all of our farm machinery and equipment."

"As organic farmers, we also appreciate that BLCS Diesel Booster reduces emissions."

Tikan Maatila Oy
Tuomo Mäkinen
Veera Peijariniemi

Kuljetus Kähkönen Oy

Kuljetus Kähkönen Oy is a transportation company based in Rauma, founded in 2007, specializing in animal transportation. Our professional staff ensures high-quality and safe service, providing a comfortable experience for the animals. Our transport equipment is modern and well-maintained. We operate not only in Finland but also internationally, according to our customer's needs.

”Yritykseni otti BLCS Diesel Boosterin koekäyttöön ensin yhteen autoon (Scania R520 vm. 2020). Huomasimme kulutuksessa nopeasti selkeän eron. Aineen käytön myötä kulutus laski n. 8%. Talvikulutus on tällä hetkellä sitä luokkaa, mitä se on normaalisti ollut kesäaikana. Scania R450 vm. 2015 käyntiääni on parantunut huomattavasti aineen lisäämisen myötä. Valmiiksi pienikulutuksisen Iveco Dailyn kulutus on laskenut n.7% Kalustomme täydentyy kesällä 2023 ja tarkoituksena on ottaa BLCS Diesel Booster jatkuvaan, ympärivuotiseen käyttöön koko kalustossa. BLCS Diesel Booster on tuonut yrityksellemme tuhansien eurojen säästön polttoainetaloudellisuudessa. Lisäksi uskomme säästöihin myös remontti -ja huoltokustannuksissa sekä boosterin vaikutuksesta kuljetuskalustomme toimintavarmuuteen”

Kuljetus Kähkönen Oy
Kalle Kähkönen

Kuljetusliike Pentti Ojala Ky

"We began a trial of BLCS Diesel Booster in one vehicle approximately 1.5 years ago.

During the test with one vehicle (Scania R580 -17), which lasted for approximately one month, we immediately noticed the benefits brought BLCS. The fuel consumption in our test vehicle decreased by approximately -6.9%

A month later, we introduced the product to another vehicle in our fleet(Scania R500 -18) also for a month. In this vehicle as well, fuel consumption decreased by approximately -5.3%.

The product has performed exactly as the sales representative described, and after successful tests that brought savings, we introduced BLCS Diesel Booster for the entire fleet. We renewed our fleet in 2021, and we immediately implemented the product in the new Scania R540 trucks. Most recently, we applied it to a Mercedes Benz Vito (model year 2016) where fuel consumption decreased by -9%.

We now have experience with BLCS Diesel Booster totaling over 1.3 million kilometers of use, from scorching summer heat to freezing winter cold, all without any issues.

BLCS has brought us significant savings in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance, and repair costs"

Kuljetusliike Pentti Ojala Ky
Pentti Ojala
Timo Ojala

Team Kotisaari Oy

"I have been using BLCS Diesel Booster for about a year now. I add the booster to every refueling. At first, I thought that the reduction in fuel consumption would be a nice addition, but mainly, I ended up using the product for the sake of reliability. With the use of the product, the performance of my Volvo FH 520 has improved, and the vehicle runs much more efficiently. It was nice to see that fuel consumption has also decreased."

"I have also used Diesel Booster in a forklift, where I noticed a reduction in exhaust smoke at idle, and the acrid smell has disappeared from the exhaust."

"I have recently started using BLCS Gasoline Booster in my hobby car. I've only used the product a few times, but I can already notice a clear difference in cold starts."

Jarmo Kotisaari
Team Kotisaari Oy

Jorman Kone Oy

"We started using BLCS Diesel Booster for testing purposes from the beginning of August 2022. The sales representative recommended a proper test batch so that the duration of the test would be long enough, ensuring reliable results.

We added the Booster to our John Deere 1170G harvester, and after just a few weeks of use, there was a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption. The engine sound has also significantly improved, and regeneration intervals have become less frequent. We believe that using the product brings us economic benefits, and currently, we use BLCS Diesel Booster in every refueling for our entire fleet."

"Our equipment includes two John Deere 1170G harvesters and two John Deere forwarders, 1210G and 1010G."

Jarmo Ruokolainen
Jorman Kone Oy, Lieksa

Maanrakennus B. Dahlbacka Oy

Maanrakennus B. Dahlbacka Oy is a family-owned business based in Kokkola with nearly 60 years of experience in versatile technical earthmoving. The company's expertise lies in trenchless excavation methods. The company invests in modern equipment and innovative excavation techniques. Currently, they operate more than 60 different machines that use diesel fuel.

"BLCS Diesel Booster has been in use in some of our machines, and the user experiences have been positive. Cold starts have become easier, and problems related to fuel have been eliminated. In certain equipment, smoke emissions have significantly reduced. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems have been functioning without issues. The plan is to gradually introduce the product to the entire fleet because we have noticed the economic benefits of using it. We initially started using the product to improve reliability, but we also achieved fuel savings. We also view the product's domestic origin as an advantage.", says Johan Dahlbacka, CEO of Maanrakennus B. Dahlbacka.


Oy Rimito Transport Ab

Oy Rimito Transport Ab focuses on environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation and has trained its employees to adhere to these goals in their work. Our entire fleet complies with the Euro 6 emission standard.

"When we initiated the field trial with BLCS, we were somewhat skeptical about the product, but the 100% satisfaction guarantee provided reassurance. The sales representative promised to buy back the product if the promised benefits were not achieved."

The result of the test period was a positive surprise: in the test vehicle, a 2016 Scania R520, the power was restored in about two weeks, and fuel consumption decreased by approximately 7% per week. Fuel consumption is one of the decisive factors in the transport industry for achieving economic and environmentally friendly transportation.

"After the test, we added BLCS as an additive to all our transport units. BLCS brings economic savings to the company, and in addition, the engines operate more efficiently as the fuel injectors are cleaned."

Olli Falk
Oy Rimito Transport Ab

Suorsa Taksi & Kuljetus Oy and Ilumoi Oy

We are a growing taxi and transportation company based in Oulu. Our operations began back in 1927, making us one of the oldest taxi companies in Finland. Currently, our company has approximately 50 employees, and our fleet consists of 10 passenger cars and 10 various-sized minivans.

"We introduced BLCS Diesel Booster in stages, starting with Suorsa Taksi & Kuljetus Oy. Based on our positive experience, we expanded the use of the product in the spring of 2021 to our entire fleet, including Ilumoi Oy's vehicles."

"The product has worked excellently, just as the sales representative promised. With the help of the product, we have achieved significant fuel savings. Regeneration events for particle filters have become less frequent, and we believe the product also extends their lifespan. Problems with the EGR system have disappeared with the use of the product."

"In our opinion, the product has brought important economic savings and reliability to our company's operations. We can warmly recommend the use of BLCS Diesel Booster to others as well."

Kimmo Suorsa
Suorsa Taksi & Kuljetus Oy
Ilumoi Oy